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Mira Laime
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• 7/2/2015

Music Requests

Hello there!

Hace you eveer wanted to express your musical interests on your profile whi...

Wait, I already made this announcement on the Mad Father Wiki...

Oh well. The point is that I am able to add music to your profile on this Wiki as well. Just send me the YouTube link, and I'll add it to your profile whenever I can. In fact, if you're on a desktop, you can hear mine being played right now.

That is all.

Wikiausername66789: Have a Saytennic Day! (talk) 23:05, July 1, 2015 (UTC)

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• 7/1/2015

I would like to mention that Taz is also able to do this, but they're on vacation right now, so send the requests to me.

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