Requests for Adminship

Hello there! Saytenn here, with an announcement to make for all new and old contributors here. That's right! If you worked hard here, but want your hard work to somewhat pay off, you can become a part of our Team!

We here on this Wiki and the Mad Father Wiki are just people who contribute for fun. We are in no way paid by any bigger company to contribute, which makes it hard for us to keep everything in check. Those dishes aren't going to wash themselves, you know!

I have been extremely selective in the past on who gets to own Administrative Powers here, but I've decided that it makes it all too much to bear on just four people. So, I'm keeping an open mind, and promoting anyone who's willing and able to help, and has helped in the past. The more, the merrier! So, go edit some Articles either here or on the Mad Father Wiki, and then apply here.

Keep in mind that a high Edit Count doesn't guarantee promotion. Also keep in mind that any Administrative powers you may gain can be revoked at any given time for certain reasons. I can't be too open-minded, you know.