Aki - Best friend
Sohta - Crush
Alive (Resurrected in the Truth.)

Ayaka (English: [ˈɑjɨkə~əˈjɑkə], Japanese: [ajaka]) is a minor/supporting character in Misao. In the Truth, she was resurrected by Onigawara.


Ayaka's outfit is a bit different than the uniform that other female characters wear - it lacks the pink vest, meaning she only wears a white blouse with a red scarf tied in a bow near the collar. She keeps her long carrot hair loose and wears red hairpins on the left side of her hair. Her eyes are a shade of honey-brown. Ayaka is a crazy fan of Mr. Sohta - she spends most of her time talking about him and effectively being a bother to Aki. She also mocks her best friend about her crush on Tohma, which Aki then denies, saying that she never said she liked anybody.


Before the Curse

After the player comes to school and attends class, the player gets to meet Ayaka during break, who is labeled as Aki's best friend and a 'fad follower'. She is shown babbling on and on about Mr. Sohta, her obsessive crush, while Aki states that she doesn't really care about Ayaka's current craze. In retaliation, Ayaka teases Aki on her crush on Tohma, whom she believes is just a flirty player.

The Curse Begins

After being teleported elsewhere, the player can find Ayaka in the teacher's offices, snooping around Mr. Sohta's desk. Still obsessed, Ayaka tells the player that she found love letters to 'HER' Mr. Sohta, and ignores the player's advice to find somewhere safe to hide.

Finding Misao's Dismembered Parts

At some point in the game, Ayaka discovers one of Misao's parts in Mr. Sohta's possession. This prompts her crush to effectively kill her in cold blood, despite not being one of the sacrifices required for the ritual to save Misao's soul. When Aki returns to the infirmary, Mr. Sohta explains that a monster had invaded and slaughtered her instead, showing Aki an injury from the 'supposed' beast and giving Aki one of Misao's parts, Misao's hands. this should be expected considering the fact that Mr. Sohta has a hand fetish.


Aki - Ayaka's best friend. Ayaka enjoys talking about "the awesome Mr. Sohta" with the brunette, even though being well-aware that she doesn't hold any interest in the guy.

Mr. Sohta - Ayaka has a crush on Mr Sohta and tends to stalk him and find out traits about him, this is revealed early in the game when she tells Aki she found out that he has a hand fetish. Her sort of "stalker" personality to him is shown when she starts looking through his desk and reading the letters other students had given him. 

Onigawara - In the ending she was reincarnated by him and now lives in the otherworld stalking him. 


  • The reason why Ayaka was resurrected in the Truth ending is because the creator Miscreant's Room (Sen) felt bad about killing her off earlier in the game and wanted to bring her back somehow. This was revealed later in the rec room at the very end of the game. Accessing the room requires a password, which is "ABANDONHOPE".
  • Ayaka's name means 'colorful flower' (彩花).


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