Hanako is a ghost who is encountered in the girls' bathroom. She is based off of the Japanese Urban Legend of Hanako-san.


Following the description of the urban legend, Hanako is a little girl wearing a white shirt and a red skirt with a bobbed haircut. If Hanako catches the player, she will smile sweetly and ask the player to play with her. Her facial expression will then change to a deranged smile, and she will kill the player.


Hanako makes her first and only appearance when the player flushes the first toilet in the girls' bathroom, appearing in front of it. The player must then avoid Hanako while getting to the last toilet. A good strategy in avoiding her is luring her to one side then moving past her as she "dashes" towards your previous location.


  • Hanako only appears in the girls' bathroom, following the urban legend.
  • If the player gets to the toilet and gets the item inside, the player can then go up to Hanako. Hanako will give a disgusted face and tell the player that they smell awful, and will disappear.
  • It isn't entirely clear how Hanako kills the player. If she catches you, Aki will scream, and you will see Hanako standing over Aki's body. This differs from how the urban legend says that she kills, by pulling people into the toilet.