The Inventory is a key game mechanic used in Misao. It is accessed by pressing the X key and selecting it from a list of Menus.


There are 9 total Inventory Items in the game. If the player has not collected a certain Item, a question mark will take that Item's place.


A baseball bat that can be used for smashing certain objects. It is however useless against enemies, with the exception of the final sacrifice that may be either Tohma or Sohta. It can be found in the locker in the Hall.


A bouquet of lilies that can be put into vases in three classrooms in order to be rewarded with Misao's Eyeballs on the Roof. They can be found in the vase in the Library.


Yen coins that can be used to purchase the Pocari Sweat from the vending machine. They can be found in the toilet in the Girl's Bathroom.

Pocari Sweat

A real-life sports drink brand that can be used to give to Tohma after he's been injured. It can be purchased from the vending machine in the Hall using the Coins.


A pile of salt that can be used to repel the spirit in front of the Music Room. It can be harvested from the Mandrake in the Science Lab.

Small Key

A small heart-shaped key that can be used to open the chest in the Music Room. It is found after the Pocari Sweat is given to Tohma in the Library.

Emergency Exit Key

As the name implies, it is the key used to access the Emergency Exit. It can be found after using the Bat to smash the vase in the Principal's Office.

Locker Key

A key that is used to access the locker in the Staff Room. It can be found in the locker of Class 2A, where Sohta originally hid.

Boot Disk

A disk that can be used to access the computer in the Science Lab. It is found in the chest awarded in the Music Room.