Maho - Former best friend
Dead? In bad ending. If Sohta is the sacrifice, most likely alive.

Miho is a green-haired girl. She gets into a fight with her friend, Maho, and is comforted by Mr. Sohta at the end of the game. It is assumed she is killed in the same manner as Misao.


Maho and Miho

Maho and Miho in the rec room

  • Important to note, Miho is only shown when the player gets the bad ending to Misao. To get the bad ending, the player must choose Tohma as the final sacrifice and let Mr. Sohta live. Misao will show Aki what really happened in the final hours of her death and that the teacher was the murderer who had raped and dismembered her. Aki will be killed to be kept silent and Mr. Sohta will go on to kill, which is where Miho comes in, continuing his murder spree.
  • If the player is able to unlock the secret Rec Room, Miho can be found standing next to Maho.
  • Miho is described as a feeble girl who clings to Maho, making the two get along like twins. This is shown in the bad ending where she is heartbroken after a fight with Maho, crying that Maho didn't want to be her friend anymore.