Miscreant's Room, also known as Sen is a game dev residing in Japan. He created Misao and Mad Father, both of which presumably share the same universe. Miscreant's Room is speculated to only contain Sen, however, it is unknown if he was assisted by a team to create the games.

Miscreant's Room has also developed numerous Web Comics including "Quartet!", and "Dr. Syndrome", however, they have not been translated to English. Miscreant's Room also owns their own blog using FC2's blog engine where they post miscellanous comics, manga, sketches and concept art for Misao and Mad Father.


  • When questioned about a possible sequel, Sen responded with "It is undecided", however, it can be speculated that since the Rec Room stated that if there is a sequel, it'll possibly reveal more about Aki and that Maho/Miho may be a protagonist, however Sen said that he currently has no plans for a sequel, so if he does have a sequel somewhat planned, it's currently in the conceptual stage and likely brainstorming possible ideas. This is pure speculation based on small scraps of evidence, however.