Sohta - Former friend

 Takano was the only friend of Sohta. She befriended Sohta and apologized for not defending him after he was bullied by two unknown students. She then vowed to protect him and told him he could ask her for her help if he needed it. This made Hideki happy for having someone who finally accepted him.

True Ending

Sohta and Takano

Sohta and Takano during a lunch break

Takano sat with Sohta every day during lunch after befriending him. While the two didn't speak much, Sohta enjoyed her company and as time went on slowly realized he was in love with her.

One day, Sohta suddenly hugged her and confessed his feelings for Takano, but she harshly rejected him and called him a creep. She admitted that she only befriended Sohta out of pity, and she wasn't interested in him that way. She then apologized, and asked that they no longer meet together for lunch anymore.

Sohta suffers a breakdown from the betrayal, screaming angrily why wasn't he accepted by anybody. He then pushes Takano to the ground ignoring her pleas to stop. Takano cried for help. It is unclear at this point as to whether Sohta attacked her or attempted to rape her.  He was soon stopped however by a teacher who had heard Takano's cries for help.


  • Takano only appears in a flashback in the true ending when Aki is trying to save Mr. Sohta.
  • At one point, Sohta comments to himself that Takano has beautiful hands. This is most likely where his hand fetish came from.
  • Takano's face sprite was not seen until version 3, where only her side is shown (her actual face is not shown).
  • Takano's name means 'high field' (高野).